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Dec 4, 2010 Help-Portrait Teaser

My favorite story of the day in a few shots. Big sister Ariana, and Gracie share a special bond. Two years ago, their family’s house was burned down in one of the worst fires York has seen. Them along with 4 older brothers and sisters (all under 10) had been left abandoned in the house for 2 days. When the fire occurred there were no adults/parents to aid them. While the older children managed to escape the flames, Ariana and Gracie were trapped inside for almost an hour until firefighters were able to rescue them and run out of the house as it collapsed to the ground behind them. They were the most timid when it came to having their picture taken, but off the set I helped them feel more comfortable, and Gracie didn’t leave Ariana’s side. They’re gorgeous girls, and so happy in spite of what they’ve been through.

Gracie. 2.

Ariana. 6.

Ariana, third degree burns on arms, back, neck, legs. 

Gracie, deaf. 

Both, can forget about all that, hear the music, follow each other’s lead, and be HAPPY.

They taught me a life lesson today. All thanks to 

music. photography. CHRISTMAS CHEER!


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Motica Asa II Mercado aka My Best Friend

[playing with b&w coloring//lighting.]

she likes to chill upside down.

"thug face"


9 years strong. Tears, laughs, screams, moves, deaths, injuries, birthdays, anniversaries, break-ups, crushes, graduation, car rides, long walks, class events, partner in crime, drama, photoshoots, singing, dancing, craziness, old friends, new friends, no friends, happiness, confessions, random outbursts, venting sessions, #1 fan, every dirty secret, unconditional love; she’s behind the scenes like no one ever could be. She’s better than you ever will be. 

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'first-look butterflies'

“is my make-up ok? my hair? i need lip gloss….omg, he can’t see me yet”

In this photo: Tara Wamack 11/27/10 Celebration, FL

i love candids like this. snapped it right before Adam walked up for the “First Look” :)

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An Afternoon Stroll with Riley

It had been weeks since I took the time to shoot, and this past Saturday afternoon just felt right. After about and hour of walking through the hills of Hagerstown, we came across a huge field with abandoned houses. Burnt wood, brick by the thousands, junk EVERYWHERE. 530 frames later, here are a few shots of the scenery :)

So many photo opps with this backdrop! 

A little ray of sun peaked in the picture :)

LOVE the aged look. i took TO MANY pictures of beat-up wood, rust, and brick! 

Just trying this blog this thing out, i’ll get better at it.